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ROLINE Patch Cable Cat.6, 7m Weiss

ROLINE Patch Cable Cat.6, 7m Weiss

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ROLINE Patch Cable Cat.6, 7m Weiss
Product Placement ----------------- Patch cable for networking connections between devices. Prepared double shielded Twisted Pair cable with screened RJ-45 connectors on both ends. Durable due to moulded kink protection. Flexible cable, suitable for narrow bending. Plugs with gold plated contacts. Contact settings 1:1, in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568 standard. Construction: 4-pair stranded wire. Complete braid shielding. Pairs shielded with aluminium clad polyester foil. Cable ----- Standarddata Diversa Cable Color: White Length: 7.0 Meter Connector 1: RJ45 Connector 2: RJ45 Shielding: S/FTP (screened foiled) Additional Data Dimensions Weights Net Weight in kg: 0.330 kg Warranty Terms: 1 Year Technical Link: http://www.rotronic.ch/it_zubehoer-netzwerktechnik-it_accessories-accessoires_it/hotline-cz Technical Support: 0848 800 750 Additional Information ---------------------- 1:1 pin assignment


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