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Play Guitar Guitar Method 1
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Play Guitar Guitar Method 1

Artikel-Nr 0002355945
  • TitelPlay Guitar Guitar Method 1
  • VerlagEdition DUX
  • EinbandartHeft
  • Seiten80
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    • Mittwoch, 03.03.2021 bei Heimlieferung
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    Play Guitar Guitar Method 1


    Play Guitar, a new guitar method in two parts, offers for the first time the possibility of learning both playing strokes (apoyando = rest stroke, and tirando = free stroke) either simultaneously or successively. Play Guitar offers a wide choice of compostitions and arrangements, which should give even beginners access to the many stylistic ranges of guitar playing. Numerous illustrations with new perspectives make the technical procedures clear and exact in an easily comprehensible way. Additional workshops deal with blues and song accompaniment. Part 1 starts with one-voiced playing, in order to promote an awareness of melody and a feeling for rhythm. As Soon as the left hand fingers can be placed on the notes with minimal force, and the right hand fingers have learned a stability and sureness when playing , from a technical point of view the typical guitar arpeggios can be begun (this is an essentisl theme in Part 2)

    Titel & Produktsprache

    TitelPlay Guitar Guitar Method 1
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    Titel & Produktsprache

    TitelPlay Guitar Guitar Method 1

    Autoren & Verlag

    Autor/-inFerdinand Neges und Michael Langer
    VerlagEdition DUX

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    Gewicht377 g
    Höhe29.9 cm
    Breite22.8 cm
    Dicke1.2 cm



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