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DataSmart Print & Tablet S

DataSmart Print & Tablet S

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DataSmart Print & Tablet S
Product Placement ----------------- The compact case made from ABS plastic is lightweight and robust at the same time. The inside of the case is made from a deep-drawn ABS inlay, which enables custom-fit holding of the mobile devices. The Velcro® adhesive strip secures the mobile Brother PJ-663® printer in the case floor, so it's ready for transport or printing at any time. An ABS recess allows you to place the tablet or smartphone in a reliable standing position. An external keyboard can be placed inside the case (on the metal flap upholstered with velour) or on the table for typing. The tablet is stowed in a separate cover compartment for transport. All of the devices can be combined with one another in the DataSmart Print & Tablet S using a cable harness. The case features a 220 V power connection on the outside, which supplies the cable harness with electricity. The case cover can be removed at an angle of approx. 60 degrees, guaranteeing comfortable and easy access to all devices. This case is perfect for field service staff or service technicians – especially those who want to prepare or print out documents on the move without having to worry about finding a power supply. If the tablet/smartphone has mobile internet access, data is transferred directly from the place of use. This translates into greater flexibility when sending reports, logs or orders. Another benefit is the time saved, as there's no need for rework in the office. The DataSmart Print & Tablet S case is secured by two numerical locks assembled on the sides. *None of the devices shown (such as the tablet, printer and keyboard) are included in price or the scope of supply! **Before purchasing the case, check whether the Brother PJ663® printer and your tablet or smartphone are compatible. Diversa ------- Standarddata Additional Data Dimensions Weights Net Weight in kg: 2.600 kg Technical Link: Technical Support: .

Abmessungen (Breite x Tiefe x Höhe)41 cm x 12.5 cm x 33 cm
Empfohlene Display-Größe17.8 - 25.9 cm ( 7" - 10.2" )
Empfohlene VerwendungDrucker / Tablet
Entwickelt fürBrother PocketJet 6; Samsung Galaxy Tab 3; Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition SGP312, SGP311, SGP312, SGP321, SGP351
Gewicht2.6 kg
NetzspannungAC 220 V
ProduktbeschreibungDicota DataSmart Print & Tablet S - Aufbewahrungsbox


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