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ATESUM Atecase 10 for 12 iPad Air 1

ATESUM Atecase 10 for 12 iPad Air 1

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ATESUM Atecase 10 for 12 iPad Air 1
Product Placement ----------------- Ultra-mobile IT transport containers on wheels for the secure storage, charging and sync of your notebooks and tablets. Advantages at a glance: - Ultra-mobile for use indoors or outdoors - Perfect protection for notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones thanks to foam cushions - Ventilation slots to allow charging units when the container is closed - Compact multifunctional power-plug strip or USB power strip with two circuits for an access point and the notebooks, netbooks, tablets or smartphones - Access point can be integrated for wireless teaching - Optionally equipped with a lock IT-Transportbehälter -------------------- Standarddata Technical Data IT-Transportbehälter Brand: Apple Type: Tablet Model: iPad Air 1 with Case Quantity: 12 Sync: No Charge: Yes Additional Data Dimensions Height in cm: 43.0 cm Width in cm: 68.0 cm Depth in cm: 48.0 cm Weights Technical Link: Technical Support: +41 55 254 10 02


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