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S7706/S7712 Main Control

S7706/S7712 Main Control

Artikel: 0000636427
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Product Placement ----------------- The Quidway S7700 series switches are high-end smarter routing switches designed for nextgeneration enterprise networks. The S7700 is designed based on the intelligent multi-layer switching technology of Huawei to provide intelligent service optimization methods such as MPLS VPN, traffic analysis, comprehensive QoS policies, controllable multicast, load balancing, integrated security guarantee in addition to stable, reliable, secure, and high performance Layer 2 to Layer 4 switching services. In addition, it features superb scalability and reliability. The S7700 can function as core or aggregation nodes on campus networks or data centers to provide integrated wireless access, voice, video, and data services, helping enterprises build an integrated end-to-end network. The S7700 is developed based on a new hardware platform and adopts a left-to-rear ventilation channel to achieve better energy efficiency ratio. Key components work in redundancy mode to minimize risks of system breakdown and service interruption. Using innovative energy-saving chips, the S7700 provides an industry-leading solution to a sustainable energy-saving network. Diversa ------- Standarddata Additional Data Dimensions Weights Warranty Terms: 1 Year Technical Link: Technical Support: Only with Service Contract Packing List: ES0D00SRUB00

ProduktbeschreibungHuawei ES0D00SRUB00 Main Control Unit - Steuerungsprozessor

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