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ZyXEL ConfigService Controller

ZyXEL ConfigService Controller

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ZyXEL ConfigService Controller

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Product Placement ----------------- ZyXEL Wireless Controller ConfigService (6223) Basic configuration Wireless Controller (remote) Establishment of a NXC or USG controller with Multi-SSID and VLAN. Connect access points and configure authentication. Details: • adaptation of the LAN subnet / subnet mask, and configuration of the DHCP server • Integration of additional access points on the WLAN controller of NXC or USG • Configuring a guest, an employee and other SSIDs (max. 8) • Configuring Authentication (Portal Page, PSK, radius / MS-AD) SSID Additions • setting of the time server / time zone (NTP) and optimization of Logs • configuration of the VLAN on NXC, and USG ZyXEL switch to connect the access point • Setting WLAN radio profile (DCS), performance, band steering, and load balancing • Check the wireless connection with all SSIDs ** ** Connection tests can only be performed if the PC / MAC is connected via Ethernet cable in the network and has a wireless network card. Support Packs ------------- Standarddata Support Packs Specification Reaction time: None Duration in years: Installation Service Support Art: non-Onsite Additional Data Dimensions Weights Technical Link: Technical Support: 044 806 51 60 Additional Information ---------------------- Process: 1.You acquire the configuration service. 2. You will receive by post a voucher, which is provided with a number. 3.With this voucher number, call the hotline on the voucher and make an appointment for the configuration. Requirements • The service is valid for 6 months from the issue of the voucher. • If you are not reachable on the agreed date, after 30 minutes a new date should be agreed. • Any questions or complaints about the configuration should be reported within 14 days of execution.


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