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Remote-controlled switch

Remote-controlled switch

Artikel: 0001168192
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Product Placement ----------------- Thomson remote-controlled switch for rolling shutter and blind drives, 2 buttons (up/down), max. 500W, range 150m Home Automation --------------- Standarddata Home Automation Specifics Power Supply: 230V (AC) - 50Hz Radio frequency: 868.3 MHz Range: up to 150m Operating voltage: up to 500 W Additional Data Dimensions Weights Warranty Terms: 24 months Technical Link: Technical Support: 00352 26 30 23 53 Additional Information ---------------------- Simply plugs in, replacing your original wired shutter/blind motor control. The mechanism can then be controlled via this new switch, or from an optional remote control or your smartphone or tablet. You can also incorporate your shutter or blind into your Thombox scenes (e.g. opening and shutting them at scheduled times, simulated occupancy, etc.).

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