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C4B Xphone VDir 2011 for CISCO

C4B Xphone VDir 2011 for CISCO

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C4B Xphone VDir 2011 for CISCO
Product Placement ----------------- XPhone Virtual Directory offers a much easier, more cost-effective way to consolidate your contact data. Data is standardised and made available to your mission critical systems and applications without requiring any adaptation. Your employees can access all the contact information they need at any time and any place. XPhone Virtual Directory is the ideal solution for implementing a centralised, Web-based enterprise address book – or adding functionality to your unified communications solution, LDAP-enabled applications and system phones. Central access to contact data ¦ Directly access data in a wide variety of data sources ¦ Data standardisation without modifying the original contacts ¦ Standard interfaces to mission-critical systems and applications Individually customisable ¦ Flexible field mapping for your data sources ¦ Configurable data representation depending on the LDAP interface ¦ Access permissions for data protection Seamless integration ¦ Easy-to-manage out-of-the-box solution ¦ Open interfaces for connecting databases and client interfaces ¦ Supports Windows authentication ¦ Remote administration possible Collaboration SW ---------------- Standarddata Software Specification Language: Multilingual Platform: Multiplatform License type: User CAL Pricecategory: - Application: Applications Maintenance: Incident Support Level: - User / CPU / Cores: User Additional Data Dimensions Weights Technical Link: Technical Support: Packing List: one User-Licens XPhone VDir 2011 for CISCO


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