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Magic IWB 4.0

Magic IWB 4.0

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Magic IWB 4.0
Product Placement ----------------- MagicIWB 4.0 Efficient and Engaging Presentation Solution Deliver rich content and interactivity to your meeting rooms or classrooms with high-impact presentation solution. Perfect for classrooms and business environments, Samsung E-board Solution has opened up new ways of presenting information that decrease operational costs and increase viewer engagement. This seamless presentation platform is comprised of three components—a large format display, a touchscreen overlay, and the MagicIWB software package—each of which can be used together or separately depending on the needs of the organization. MagicIWB solution can transform a traditional presentation into a dynamic educational experience with on-screen note-taking functionality, Video and Image Capture capability. Intuitive, powerful and cost-effective, MagicIWB facilitates a collaborative information experience that provides technological innovation without sacrificing the benefits of traditional presentation tools. Consisting of three easy-to-use software components—MagicIWB, MagicIMS and MagicIMS Agent—this new approach will change how you present information in the classroom or the boardroom. MagicIWB(Board-i) MagicIWB transforms a display with touchscreen capabilities into an interactive HD tablet device equipped with an assortment of pen styles for maximum flexibility and convenience. It also supports a variety of media types, including PowerPoint presentations, images, video and Flash animation to create an information-rich learning environment. MagicIMS MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution) equips teachers and presenters with a long list of presentation management tools, including the ability to invite attendees, disable unnecessary applications, conduct votes and give exams. This management solution also makes it easy to transfer files from the display and to the individual client device, allowing easy collaboration and information sharing. MagicIMS Agent To enable remote management, attendees must download MagicIMS Agent to their mobile devices. With this program, they can select a class to attend, submit a question to the presenter and share files with the group. Available through the iTunes Store and Android app marketplace, this simple application enables seamless communication between the presenter and the audience. Digital Signage Accessory ------------------------- Standarddata Poduct: Software

  • MagicIWB Board I
  • MagicIWB Manager
  • MagicIWB Agent

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