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P-touch RJ-3050

P-touch RJ-3050

Artikel: 0000970870
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Product Placement ----------------- RJ-3050 The RJ-3050 portable printer is smaller and lighter than ever before, providing the perfect on-person device for mobile workers needing a 2" or 3" printing solution - for receipts, quotes and labels on the spot. Printer Label ------------- Standarddata Specification Tape Width : 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Printing Resolution : <180dpi Connectivity: USB Additional Data Dimensions Height in cm: 18.6 cm Width in cm: 11.2 cm Depth in cm: 8.0 cm Weights Net Weight in kg: 0.610 kg Warranty Terms: 2 Years Bring-in Technical Link: Technical Support: 0900 900 484 (Sfr. 0.12/Min. bis 2 Min. - danach Sfr. 3.00/Min.) Packing List: Li-ion battery, AC adapter, Car power adapter, Battery charger, Vehicle mounting cradle, Shoulder strap

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