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Fantasea Filterhalter zu FRX100 III+IV

Fantasea Filterhalter zu FRX100 III+IV

Artikel: 0000946933
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar.


The EyeGrabber F55 attaches to Flex and B&J Arms and allows for secure attachment of 55mm accessory lenses and filters when they are not in use. Includes a T2 Connector. Compatible with: - RedEye Filter M55 (Cat. No. 5207) - PinkEye Filter M55 (Cat. No. 5206) - SharpEye Lens M55 (Cat. No. 5122 - SharpEye Lens Kit M55 +4 (Cat. No. 5126) - SharpEye Lens Kit M55 +8 (Cat. No. 5129) - BigEye Lens Kit M55 (Cat. No. 5156) - BigEye Lens Kit x42 M55 (Cat. No. 5154) - Any other accessory lens with a 55mm thread or a 55mm threaded adaptor Important Notice- Prior to purchase, please confirm that no additional adaptor is required to fit this product to your accessory lens.

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