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Gecko Audio Boost SLIM Case Red for iPad Air -- TPCZA

Gecko Audio Boost SLIM Case Red for iPad Air -- TPCZA

Artikel: 0000832944
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Gecko slim with audio boost

Peace of mind and protection for your iPad with the Gecko Slim

Audio boost, a slender and sleek folio style case. Specially crafted audio-boosters acoustically amplify your sound by up to 10 decibels, whilst allowing full access to all functions of your iPad.

Complete iPad protection with a rear polycarbonate casing and suede-lined folding cover. The cover folds into a multi-position stand for convenient easy use.


Audio boost

Retractable audio boosters re-direct sound to the iPad user, enhancing your listening experience.

Tailored clip-in fit

Carefully crafted for a perfect clip-in fit. Simply clip your iPad into the Gecko slim audio boost for instant protection.

Safe & secure

Premium suede-like lining and polycarbonate back protects your iPad and helps keep your screen clean and ready to use. Premium protection for your iPad.

Smart Magnets

Turn your iPad on with ease by simply opening your Gecko slim. Built in magnets allow the iPad to automatically wake up when opened and go to sleep when closed.

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