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Snapshot 512 Software MSA2040

Snapshot 512 Software MSA2040

Artikel: 0000746628
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht verfügbar.


Product Placement ----------------- Snapshots create up to 512 point-in-time pictures of data (512 snaps are exclusive to the MSA 2040) Diversa ------- Standarddata Additional Data Dimensions Weights Technical Link: Technical Support: 0848 80 20 20 Packing List: E-License Additional Information ---------------------- Volume Copies create up to 128 point-in-time copies of data Recovery is instant - revert data from any previous Snapshot or Volume Copy Backup 'snapped' data to disk, virtual tape, or physical tape without a backup window A 64 snapshot license and Volume Copy are included with all MSA 2040 models. Support and updates are desired for bundled software functionalities (such as 64 LTU Snap and/or Volume Copy etc. in the MSA 2040 products) a combination HW + SW support care pack must be purchased. HP does not provide warranty assistance for software products included with our base hardware products. This would either be SupportPlus or SupportPlus24. The hardware warranty component of these services is accounted for in the pricing of the SP and SP24 care packs.

ProduktbeschreibungHPE Lizenz
ProdukttypLizenz (Upgrade-Lizenz)
Lizenzanzahl512 Snapshots
Entwickelt fürModular Smart Array 1040 Dual Controller LFF Storage, 1040 Dual Controller SFF Storage, 2040 10Gb iSCSI Dual Controller SFF Bundle, 2040 FC Dual Controller SFF Bundle, 2040 SAS Dual Controller SFF Bundle

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