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Remote Snap Software MSA2040

Remote Snap Software MSA2040

Artikel: 0000746629
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Product Placement ----------------- HP MSA Remote Snap Software is array based software that provides remote replication on the HP MSA 2040 Array products. HP Remote Snap is a form of asynchronous replication which consists of replication of block-level data from a volume on a local system to a volume that may be on the same system or on a second independent system. This second system may be collocated with the first system or may be located at a remote site. HP Remote Snap functionality is based on existing Snapshot technology offered by HP MSA SAN Array products. Snapshots are used to track the data to be replicated as well as to determine the differences in data updated on the master volume, minimizing the amount of data to be transferred. Diversa ------- Standarddata Additional Data Dimensions Weights Technical Link: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/14603_div/14603_div.HTML Technical Support: 0848 80 20 20 Packing List: NOTE: One license per array is required for replication. For example, if you have two MSA arrays performing replication (from Primary system to Remote System), you will need 2 licenses Additional Information ---------------------- HP Remote Snap replication technology provides the ability to accomplish key data management and protection capabilities. First, because Remote Snap uses snapshots as the underlying technology it creates multiple local recovery points which can be used for such tasks as to complement daily backups second, replication provides the ability to access data in a remote site which could be used for dispersed operations and third but definitely not least important replication allows for business continuance in the event of a failure on the primary site. In order to perform a replication, a snapshot of the volume to be replicated is taken, creating a point-in-time image of the data. This point-in-time image is then replicated to the destination volume by copying the data represented by the snapshot via a transport medium such as TCP/IP (iSCSI) or Fibre Channel. The amount of data transferred is minimized though the use of snapshots whenever possible.

  • Array-basierte Fernreplikation
  • Flexible Architektur, einfache Verwaltung

ProduktbeschreibungHPE Remote Snap - Lizenz
UnterkategorieNetzwerk - Netzwerksicherung
KategorieNetzwerkanwendungen - Netzwerk - Netzwerksicherung
Lizenztyp1 Lizenz
Anzahl Lizenzen1 Lizenz
Entwickelt fürModular Smart Array 1040 Dual Controller LFF Storage, 1040 Dual Controller SFF Storage, 2040 10Gb iSCSI Dual Controller SFF Bundle, 2040 FC Dual Controller SFF Bundle, 2040 SAS Dual Controller SFF Bundle

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