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SAMSUNG Mounting Bracket 2.5auf 3.5 Inch

SAMSUNG Mounting Bracket 2.5auf 3.5 Inch

Artikel: 0001130368
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SAMSUNG Mounting Bracket 2.5auf 3.5 Inch
Product Placement ----------------- Scythe Bay Rafter 2.5 The Bay Rafter 2.5 allows the installation of a max of two 2.5" HDDs or SSDs in a 3.5" bay and provides mounting possibilities for fans with 80, 70 or 60 mm in size. With this, users can perfectly choose between high cooling power, low noise level or passive mode. For 3.5" HDDs, Bay Rafter 3.5 is available. Diversa ------- Standarddata Additional Data Dimensions Weights Net Weight in kg: 0.042 kg Technical Link: Technical Support: 0412661111 Additional Information ---------------------- Optimal mounting of HDDs: With the Bay Rafter 3.5, max. two 2.5" hard disk drives or SSDs can be mounted perfectly in the 3.5" drive bays of a PC chassis. Wide range of fans supported: The Bay Rafter 2.5 offers mounting options for all 3 common fan dimensions. The user has the choice to mount one 80 mm, 70 mm or 60 mm fan. Flexible cooling options: With a fan selection, users can choose between maximum cooling or minimal noise level. By this, cooling to noise ratio can be optimized freely.


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